Reviews for "FFX - For Zanarkand"


So beautiful. Who couldn't like this song? Epic awesomeness. Anything lower than 10/10 is an insult for this song.


How can someone possibly give less then a 10 for this song?
It´s the most beautiful song i´ve ever heard in my life.
This upraising wave of epicness... wow.


sooo fucking epic man.

Ah, completed...

Many of my old pieces are in the Video Game category and sure, just like anybody else I don't like seeing them lose in position...but I simply couldn't help but vote 5 on this one.

I've attempted to remix this one a number of times but always end up short on something I feel is good enough not to simply delete. So in the end this completes that particular area of my musical journey. Great job, great timing, and fantastic overall performance.

+ +

This is fucking amazing.

I was wondering what the deep rumbles were in the background until there was an extreme buildup of epic. This has everything that I'm looking for in a song. This is wonderful. Now, check out a few of MY songs. <3 10/10, 5/5.