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Reviews for "Pirates_go_ahhrrrr [Box-killa]"

pretty good

pretty mice stuff, i might just say that you should experiment with multiple leads in different parts of the track, or even layer different leads to try and make a really original sound for you

pretty good though

SNARE EFECT= my guess is you eq'ed the bass end a little higher, added blood overdrive, pumped up the amp gain, then turned the knob under that(cant remember name) counterclock-wise, in order to keep the distort sounds, but lower thier punch, or mabye you eq'ed it with a spike in the wave, hard to explain what i mean by that but yeah it makes sounds like kicks actualy have more defined notes to them

i didnt get tolisten to the whole track, but i didnt hear anything refering to pirates, so unless you DID do that, mabye throw in like sounds of the ocean, or swords clashing, or some fuckhead going AARRGGHGGHH, you know, but i only made it to like halfway till the buff just stopped...

kicks are alright, not much punch behind them, but thats not always needed

the intro, there is like squeeky feedback noises drifting in and out , im guesin you increased the feedback on one ofthe effects like phaser, or flanger, pretty cool technique, ive done it with claps b4, makes shits sound interesting, if you didnt do that, how did you get the squeeks???

overall your improving, just like any audio artist should if they actually put themselves to it, which you are...hopefully

peace to the fuck to the out to the my friend, until to the next to the time


Box-Killa responds:

Im not going to tell you my secrets lol. Thanks for the review, yeah now i gota make something even better!

Peace out :D

it was meh ok

Nice progression n all but i didnt leanr anything from it you do your style i do mine Oh and i orchestrate i dont make orignal songs so learning something from you is obsolETE ;] lol not to be mean..Song is good though.. darkrider pretty much sumed what i would have said ^_^

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah Dont mind that senseless spam lol.


great song. and its easy to imagine playing on a pirate ship. keep up the good work

Box-Killa responds:

hahah yeah thanks!

just had to check it out....music fanatic :3

and I can say I'm not disappointed ^^, pretty cool tune you got here, you manage to have a nice variation, helps cutting monotony, but around when you start repeating the lead melody by 1:09 you could mess with the pitch, like increasing it and when it repeats again ,increase it again....I guess increase it around two times before returning to normal...get my idea?you kinda did it in the melody between 0:44 and 1:08....I hope get my point, I think it would look cool

also you could play a little in the sound of the lead synth melody, change it and keep the melody

the percussion is so catchy, it just get the attention right from the start :3
you could use a slow down on the middle, I not meaning like a literal slowing down of the tempo, but of the quantity of the instruments and percussion, like making it more powerful yet more paced...I guess you kinda did it by 2:17 :P

the synth you brought by 1:49, doesn't see to flow in some parts, when all the sounds join up

about getting attention:

don't ever pm people...in particular if they are not ones who faved yah up here, they are not like me when it comes to love reviewng audio, many may feel angry, but I guess you know that.......

there is the audio advertisement thread in the audio forum and the review request club in the club & crews forum, that will already give some attention

next, only PM those who faved yah and say to them if they don't wish to be pmed to say it so and don't nag about it

next ask those who usually want people to request for review, there are quite a few besides me, just go to the where is/ How to forum and go to the "top 100 audio reviewers" and check for the ones who review the most

you can also get a myspace( note that I am not promoting this website, I'm just giving information about on how it can help in the ng audio life) and other popular sites who gather people and let you show your stuff, that will also help a little in the attention gathering

you can pm me anytime so, if you need my support just ask

Box-Killa responds:

Wow thanks for the good, thoughtout review. I think pm'ing does work but it also attracks an unwanted crowd. Well thats my opinion anyway, who cares! Yeah i love the drums in this, specialy the snare. Anyway, thanks for ure support :D

Calms my Depression :) :)

Don't improve, it's perfect.

Box-Killa responds:

Thanks dood :D