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Reviews for "Pirates_go_ahhrrrr [Box-killa]"

Pretty Cool

It was quite nice, however the title is odd. I didn't sense anything resembling pirates in this entire song. It's got some cool beats and what you did with the snare was quite cool. However it seemed repetitive at times. On a really good note is it loops perfectly, even though it's not a loop. Would make good game background music.

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah everybody says the title is odd. Chronomaut said it would fit well in a pirating window lol.

:D pritty cool song :D thx for review bizatch

its pretty good

could be better thou but still its ok

Box-Killa responds:

thanks dood :D


As I said in your other audio submissions, it's repetitive. Till 0.45, it's practically the same thing over and over again. I LOVED the beat increasing at 1:03 through 1:08...
The techno thing from 1:50 sounded great when it flowed with the music.

It kinda tempts you to close it after 2:30... You should change it some more.


Keep up the great work!


Box-Killa responds:

:D Thx for the review. Yeah it is a bit repetitive but the complexity of the tune makes it a good repetitive lol.

really cool vibe man

i love the lead in this. especially the sorta 1:50 bit. i'm a noob, but i'm gonna take a guess that the psychedelic synth playing in that part is a arpeggiator?

anyways, it reminds me of a running game. or maybe a escape from shinra base on a motorcyle kind of song.


Box-Killa responds:

ITS A SAW BITCH A SAW! With crazy tunes and my skill and crazy timing.


Nice Beat, make me to run to it or play video games to it....

Box-Killa responds:

Thanks man, love your display picture :D