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Reviews for "Dark World Adagio Extended"


are you still using fruity loops? if so his is...unbelievable!!! this really puts you in a dark world. your compositions are so remarkable man you have no idea.

what key is this piece in?

popraz responds:

Thanks. Yes, still using Fruity Loops. The song is in D#

Much awesomer!

Dude! If it's possible, I think you just outdid yourself!
The song is great! And there was nothing I could nitpick at once I read your review responses.
So, high five and I hope you bring more like-minded songs and artists to Newgrounds.

P.S. Who was it that encouraged you to release this awesome full version?
P.S.S. Moar songs pwease?

popraz responds:

Well, some of my respected reviewers encouraged me. I'm glad you liked it so much. Composing is all the more fun when you get feedback like this, so more is to be expected. Thank you !

That's nice!

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5/5 9/10

popraz responds:

Thank you !