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Reviews for "Dark World Adagio Extended"

So, the song behind Vorago.

I have the original version on my ipod, but it DOESN'T DO THIS JUSTICE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, a quarter of my awe seizure is because I've played Vorago, so I have the story of that game playing in my head while I'm listening.

This song takes away my breath. Simply amazing.

I wish I could give you all the stars in the sky...

popraz responds:

Thank you ! I'm very happy you liked it so much.


This is how the world ends...
...It Doesn't.
There is only you.
Time does not end. Time does not begin. Time doesn't even have a purpose.
It only has you.
...A cycle.
Only you...
... be the BEGINNING.

...Be infinite...

popraz responds:

Thank you ! That's quite an unique review !

some songs on NG stand out from the others.

absolutely goregous. was directed here thru virago. this is a great stand-alone tho! very atmosphereic and emotion-filled. I hope you are very pleased w/ how this turned out!

popraz responds:

Thank you ! I am pleased, especially because so many people are pleased, which means I did something right.

One of the best pieces of art I ever heard!

This is great! Loved the beginning and ending all throughout! I hope I can listen to something as good as this in the future! GREAT WORK!

popraz responds:

Thank you very much ! I appreciate it.

Shockin and Emotional

This piece is absolutely beautiful. I can't even begin to gather even the most remotely appropriate words to express the shear shock and awe that fills my mind when I hear this. You are truly an artist. Without doubt, you have such an amazing talent. Your skill will definitely lead you to a place worthwhile.

I hope you make it as far as possible! Your talent, I believe, is unmatched. I hope you the best of luck Popraz!

popraz responds:

Well I wouldn't say unmatched, but thank you for thinking so highly of my work. Thank you very much !