Reviews for "Dream of Air - F-777"


Episode 2 was my favorite out of the we believe megamix, it's good to hear it again! I really like the way you went with this-- the sound is definitely more solid than in the original, about as pumped as the original was uplifting. It seems like the melody gets a little skewed and distracted at certain points through the song, but the sound is great -- and I certainly can't recommend any improvements from where I'm standing except that maybe you should combine elements from both together. This seems a little like the yin of EP2's yang. That might be sweet.
OH! One more thing, the ending! My goodness, it just drops off! I sort of know how this goes, you get carried away by a song and just sort of run with it until you don't know what to do anymore and it sort of-- ends. Didn't really like that, but still a solid track overall.

As good as we believe

This track has the same magic that your ''we believe episodes'' has. Keep it up!!



I love this!

But... no offense... it was expected. All of your music is incredible, but it's starting to sound all too similar to me, with the exception of some of your earlier tracks that used heavy guitar synths, or the songs with special flourishes like Deep Inside- I love the beep arp in the bg of that one!
Anywho, keep up the amazing work, and maybe start finding ways to mix it up a bit? I'd personally recommend starting to mix in vocals, it would be an excellent way to separate from the pack so to speak :)

Love this man!

This is absolutely positively 110% AWESOME! nice job man one for the clubs m8

Intro is epic!

Alright man, the first 18 seconds are amazing! When the beat kicks in, it's really nice. I think you might have gotten out of that sound you were stuck with, and I like this song better than most of you we beleive, and all the ones following those.


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