Reviews for "Dream of Air - F-777"


Keep up the good work dude :D. I hope to hear more of your songs. I'm waiting

still waiting...

still waiting...

FRICK JESSE IT'S BEEN 20 SECONDS I'M BORED. I want more songs from you.


This is extremely impressive toward my taste just like all your other songs anyway your great so keep it up!

Really cool.

Awesome stuff, the bass is drowned out a lot, perhaps you should mix it higher or just crank up the volume.


Hi F-777,

Read your forum post. I didn't see the RSS feed as a bad thing, but I guess it is now. Everyone knows (well the ppl who have been on NG for a while) that NG is pretty much a crap sight for getting reviews and support. However, its so easy to post music here which is a plus and in the end it doesn't take away the talent of many great musicians who deserve a better score. I like to see blamming as a complement because the blammers see you as a threat to them because your better than them. Anyway, here is what I thought of your song.

1) Yes, this composition. Sounds familiar, don't remember your ep 2 song but the arpeggio style is quite a popular one.
2) Party horn...hmm lots of fuzz and adds that happy feeling. Doesn't seem to be anything new though. I'm just going to consider this song a remix because I heard all these instruments from you already.
3) I wish the bass were a little more clearer especially at parts like 1:27. Seems to subbed that I can hardly hear any tone. Maybe that was intentional?
4) I actually like the main chorus. Has some catchy rhythm. Well done making it.
5) By the time the chorus returned at 2:33-2:34 I kinda felt bored. Too many returns to the chorus led to a repetitive song for me.
6) The ending fx was just great. Way to make the "dream of air" feeling. I don't know who would ever dream of air though. Pretty much dead when you start dreaming of air.

Do you know how to post music on youtube? It annoys me...keeps saying it can't convert file. What format do you need to put it as? Great song by the way. Lots of energy, your typical style of music. 5/5 and 9/10 review cause of the reasons above and the recycling of sounds.

Bye for now

Love the song

One thing i have always loved about your songs, are the great synths, not to mention you dont lower the quality of your songs that much. Honestly a 3 minute 23 sec. song that takes up almost 8 mb. what are u running it at? I am guessing like 250kb per second.
5/5 for quality and for being so awesome.