Reviews for "Dream of Air - F-777"

I work out to this track! :)

I've loved this song ever since you introduced it to your myspace music a while back. I don't currently keep up with mine, but I did when I discovered you as another competitor in the Basshunter competition. Anyways, I don't know if you really made any changes to it since (bass was a bit muffled at parts, etc), but it's great. -- Very Uplifted. From another music producer to you: Very high ratings. :)



I have no idea how you can come up with so many different melodys, all I know is that you HAVE to continue!! :D
Great job!

a little weird

it's very good song, but some of the changes are a tad odd


Sometimes, some of the best stuff comes out when you don't try really really hard/just get carried away mixing stuff up/go with instinct.
Once again, great job!


f-777 is the best keep up and do you have a cd of your songs