Reviews for "Dream of Air - F-777"

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Incredible... Why can't you vote higher than 10? Seriously? I give you 100/10 anyway.

Nice song... AGAIN! :D

Keep up the good work! I heard your mixes and there all PERFECT!

A Chain Unbroken

What you have is a talent few posses. There are many who can make great music, but not do it to a point where it's expected. You know what this kind of music is about, uplifting the soul and inspiring us to exel. My only complaint, it didn't keep going lol XD. Don't stop with your work, you may not know who this music may influence to become great <(^^,)> 10/10 Keep it alive.

again... nice melody

what more can we say ?
you dont have to prove your talent anymore ><' we are conquired since many time lol
5 faces
100 personnal vote nice idea for the song
plus download to my ipod
keep the good work

How do you do it?

You turn an already great song into something even better. It's on the edge of impossible, and yet you do it. Thanks for dumping creativity straight into my head.