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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"


i agree with the last review except the difficulty part

it is pretty dam hard X_X

well its a nice game, very well put together

Very Good

You know what upsets me sometimes? Coming to Newgrounds and reading the abusive and ignorant reviews of very good games/films. Most of the complaints I have read in the reviews have been:

1) The Music
2)The Difficulty
3)The style (Not being violent)

And quite frankly the author has been more then patient with you ingrates. He has told you all time and time again that there is a button to cut off the music. He has put up with you complaining about the difficulty (even though most of the people who complain of the difficulty are also the one's who compare the game to that of a child's game).

Why can't you guys see that this game is unique in its style. Unlike every other game that comes into NG this isn't about killing the latest trendy band in order to stir up some shit. This game was made to entertain and to allow us all to have fun and in the aspect (at least for me) the author has succeeded.

Again, awesome game man.

Asvegren responds:

Thank you for that intelligent and thankful review, a rarity here on NG.

You pretty much summed up my thoughts towards the abusive/ingrateful reviewers, you just used language that was a lot milder than what was going through my head.

Thanks for appreciating our game, and thanks for leaving such a nice review.

petty good

it was pretty good music wasnt good but hey I CAN TURN IT OFF (for all the retards that didnt notice that)


Very fun game, but I wasn't a fan of the music too much lol.

Reminds me of the good days

Just like the days i spent playng Yosji's story man those were the days to bad they dont make games like that any more