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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"

Nice Game!

but....do you know the script of how to save progress? I'm thinking it might come in handy for my Zombie Hunt game. Please respond ASAP! Nice game dude!

i love this!

i love this game...!!! cool music ;P

Very nice indeed

Surprisingly though, this flash lowers DonDoli's BA. And it's just this one. Bah, screw those voters, this game completely rocks. Not much dialouge, except ''Medium hamburger! Thank you!'' but the quality of that voice was very clean.

And this game was HARD, unlike most of the games i've played on NG, and that is a mayor bonus. This is sweet :)

~ Frost

Asvegren responds:

Thanks for the nice review!

Yes, the score is surprisingly low, considering that it was at 4+ when it got its award. But once it hit frontpage, the score got alot worse. Oh well :)

The dialouge, and all the graphics and sound really, were made by Haartufs. So direct your compliments to him ;)

I tried to make the game very hard, and I know I succeded. The question is if it's too hard, and if anyone actually has completed it, or even seen the different worlds, or the surprise at the end ;)

Again, thanks for the review!

- DonDoli

The Adventures of BlobBob?™

This game is dificult.
I can't finish... But good.

The Adventures of BlobBob

I enjoyed this!! But this is a little difficalt.