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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"


hmmmm who would of geussed that if you got a hamburger that you would go to a different demension with dinosaurs and just this is definently an original great job =)

Good job

I liked this game is there a way i can downlaod it or something?

It's ok...I guess

It's a platform game. Nothing more. What else can I say? I liked the cartoony graphics, that's probably the only reason I played it. Try again.

a well thought oout platformer

its good if u like platformers but its way too much of the same thing

Nice Platform game

A lot like Donkey Kong, which is good. I loved how the burger turned into a portal thingy, that was nice. challenging, savable, the only problem I have is the extremly short sound loop in there. That got REALLY annoying, REALLY fast.