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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"


it was a good game, but the scolling machanic sucked. i couldn't see what i was doin half the time. i eventually lost interest, and didn't bother playing it through. if you were to fix it, the game would be a perfect 10.

I didn't enjoy it

Quite boring. I like cute games but this one was far too cute to be fun.


This was one of the most fun games that I have played. I especially liked how in the Graveyard one, they don't tell you the instructions, which makes things more challenging! I really hope that there's a Blob Bob TWO!

Anyways, 10/10, you guys!

does the save work right

when i save and when i come back and load i did not stare wher i saved just now i saved at world 2 but when i came back i started at world 1 and i saved at world 2 is it the game r is it my pc i wonder if i am the only one who have this proplem and i have the same proplem for this game on other sites.


nyone who votes below a 10 is a noob. This game is the best, i play it all the time.