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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"


Nothing good, nothing bad. Solidly mediocre.

The plot was a bit too nonsensical. It's not even funny nonsense. But I didn't play very far so I can't really say.

Very nice... I enjoyed it

I love the art on this game... Bob is quite cute and it plays smoothly. Your animation is crisp and clean... and it handles well, unlike many games on this website that are uploaded en masse. The levels are entertaining... widespread in parts and easy to go and play again.

its an old game

But I've loved this game.
A simple, well animated, cute, and with amazing music platformer.


it was soooooooooo boring!! It is impossible on the 3 lvl

Not very good

The music was looped a lot but for the most part it fit the game. Animation wasn't too good, nor was the level design (i.e. you can't tell where to go off of a trampoline unless there's a line of fruit) and the fact you had to be dead-on to kill a dinosaur (I didn't get too far).