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Reviews for "The Adventures of BlobBob"

good job

I did enjoy your game quite a lot, even if it is quite difficult. My only recommendation is that you create a "skip" button for the beginning scenes of the game, since it gets annoying after a while to watch the guy get sucked into the hamburger vortex. Which was hilarious, by the way. Good job, it reminded me of back in the days of yor playing super mario on nintendo.

good concept

i thought this was really well made and really well thought out. i liked how you had an cut scene to start off teh game instaed of going straight for it. it was cute and i enjoyed playing it. i also enjoyed the music off feature because it gives you a headache after a while. good job :)


but make a skip option for the beginning, even cause when u die, and dont have enough lives to beat a level, u have to start over, and that opening is annoying

also, baddddd music

good job though its fun


a bit repetitive. would suit young kids though

I liked it.

love the fact that you can save!