Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

that was cool

i liked that

neonfox3 responds:

hey thanks.
p.s. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist is one of the greatest movies ever made!!!


your just as good as knox at clay animation. this is what i wanted to see with clay people a all out fighting brawl with blood that looks good and good animation, and you did it. but what up with the 3.42 score this deserves way better.

Good Job!

Its about time someone makes a non-crappy claymation. Yes, they were blobs, but AWESOME FIGHTING BLOBS! Make more, your good at this.

You Know You Have 2 Much Spare Time When...

You make a clip animation video that good and that long.

Bravo nice work.


That was bitchin' you are a god. I love claymation and that takes the cake. Good job and do more, keep making them and i'll keep watching them. 5/5 from me!