Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

yeah a movie that makes clay look good

i've seen some good clayt movies but that kicks arse

if only it had legomen

neonfox3 responds:

yeah i've always wanted to make a lego vs clay movie or something but i dont have many legos.

Killing is fun

knox is good with the funny and your good with the killing

keep em commin

neonfox3 responds:

"knox is good with the funny and your good with the killing"

that line just says it all.... even though i dont laugh at any of his movies i still respect him.

i loved that

wooooooaaaaah that was all like shwing and thwack and chop and ... and and woooooooooaaaaaaaaah.
by the way i loved it


that was cool keep um coming

very nice animation and....

i'd rather be watching this than some stupid indie film called shades of grey - keep up the good work ANIMATING man,we don't want to see jackass indie films er,yeah check my flame on the forums under microbe's "shades of grey" thread and tell those bastards we like _real_ flash movies,uh kinda like this one(well you animated,not too original clay style but still it fits in)