Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

Love the action

It's hard to make claymen fight. I think it went good. I liked how clear the picture was! Alot better than some of the ordinary claymations. Nice job man.

amazing and fun

that was f a funny flash movie and a good graphics and sounds too..
keep that ..



neonfox3 responds:

111111111111 HAS BHASAHAHAD too


That was so friggen funny!! "OH YEA WE ARE SO AWSOME PUT IT THERE BROS!" then he kills them.LOL

Pretty good..

I found this to be quite entertaining. The sounds were pretty good... although... they sound vaguely familiar.

I could have swore that most of the sword fighting sounds were from Warcraft II. Atleast they sounded like it. Oh well.

Good work none the less. There's still room for improvement but keep practicing.