Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

Thats nice man nice blood

I won!!!!!! I won!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZARDS

Another awesome movie from neon

This was another awesome movie its so smooth and you said you use logitech image studio hmmmmmm. have you ever heard of stop motion pro?


Very violent, which is what I like about claymation! Very smooth animation, what program and fps do you use?

neonfox3 responds:

"Logitech Image studio"
"15 Frames Per Second"

Pretty good...

I think it would've been better without the blood effects; they looked like crap. Otherwise, though, it's good. Really funny little random bit.

neonfox3 responds:

i think ill keep the blood effects.
if you watch Lone Warrior Guy 3 you'll see that im improving with the blood.

really funny...

this was really good and tottally cool but your not better than knox.

neonfox3 responds:

maby not in the humor department but i certainly surpass him in animation.
his motions are too stiff.
he's lazy.
hopefully with villian he'll pick up some skills cause i'd hate to see it suck with all the money he's putting into it.