Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

Smashing great fun!

One of the best clay movies I've ever seen.

Graphics: Very smooth, for a clay movie. No sudden jaggedness, or anything of the sort. Interesting how you used flash, or some program, do the special effects.

Sound: I can see that you like to rip your speech from movies, and the sort. It gets kinda annoying after awhile, though. You should also credit them, just to avoid trouble.

Violence: The movie title says it all.

Humour: Not extremely funny, but funny enough to keep me interested.

Other comments: Keep up the good claymations!


dude halo toys lol fuckin pwned this was pretty good i like make a few more.... Ez


It wasn't awful... That said, it wasn't great, either. It would have been better without the little MS paint fake blood droplets. Give a little credit to your audience's imagination. Good job with the sound, though.

very good wrok man

good work man looks great.

that sucked

what i don't have any thing to say the title says it all