Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"

Kinda good...

The action was pretty good, but the story wasn't all that interesting. Seems like you were just goofing around, and that's cool, but if you explained who the characters were, it might be cooler.

I think you should try to make some more realistic characters, because they all look the same, and it's hard to tell who's who.

Clay Fighters!

I never knew Watching white clay puppets mame eachother in what seems to be a persons kitchen would be my idea of fun, but i guess this proved me wrong! I wasn't quite sure on how to rate clay-mation but then again i remembered the cool swords and blood effects! the style was new! I loved it i've never seen anything like this on newgrounds, sound was hilarious, I especially liked the "i'm your huckelberry" by doc holiday from tombstone, violence gets a six because it wasnt gory violence it was funny violence! humor - 6 because it was funny enough to make me chuckle and not alot of things on this site make me chuckle. overall you get a 7 here and a 4 on the vote. Good Job, I really hope to see more!!!!

I hate clay movies...

...I hate them with a passion. But this one was pretty good. Nice job with the sound timing too! Congrats!

Thumbs up!

Good flash! It kept me interested. Nice style, great audio clips, and smooth animation. Hell yeah.


It was damn funny, you did the animation VERY smoothly, you animated the blood INCREDIBLY WELL, this is definitly gonna be protected! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Keep up the good work!