Reviews for "Clay Killing Frenzy 2"


you make Knox's stuff look shit, he should take some hints from you

oh hi knox

That was cool

Nice job. The claymation was shweet, and the part where the guy kept screaming I WON was funny. Plus, it had some Val Kilmer quotes, and you can't go wrong there.

Good Work

It was pretty funny and entertaining sa they killed each other. This would be awesome as a game!


my fav part was pressing the start button


my god, you sir... RULE! this clay action easily surpasses Knox's talent if you ask me, because he doesnt often do full on clay slaughteres such as this fine awesome piece of work XD haha.
so much animation! dude, how long did this take you to do? there was simply so many different characters, guns, and even all of the blood effects would have taken ages to make! im suprised no one ruined your setup if you left it there for multiple days XD haha!
well, the graphics were of a high quality considering the length of the movie, the animation was second to none for stop-motion clay shtuff, and the audio and action were brilliant. there was oodles of fighting, with a range of different weapons, and there was lots of gore with all the blood effects you made in flash. (or whatever you used).
the sound was great because you didnt just have the odd sound effect and bit of dialogue here and there, the movie was jam-packed with it! almost every foot step and action taken by any of the characters was met with a sound effect, and not one of them sounded cheesy - i recognise the sound effects from Warcraft 2 in the last sword fight :) very nice.
the voice acting was also great because it was audible - didnt need subtitles, and there was plenty of funny dialogue.
overall, one of the best if not THE best action packed clay movies i've ever seen.
as i said before: you sir, rule.

neonfox3 responds:

Thank you! I am honored.