Reviews for "the busstop"


Very nice!

sjoert responds:


I'll call this underrated...

Seriously. It had more style than any of my work, and also a pretty good storyline and choice of music, yet somehow my submissions are a full point above this... I call that bogus.
Don't worry though, my next project will deserve the higher score :P
Nice work overall.


I like the old sient movie feel. And the music matched pretty well. And the moral of this story is: punch any old lady you see in the face because they are all theives!


i liked the cheesyness of the flash plus jazz music always kicks ass. Nice twist at the end.


That was the most original piece of flash to enter the portal in a long time. For that I thank you. You have brightened my evening slightly ^.^
I thought the graphics were good, and presented in such a way that the lack of top quality animation was irrelivent......if you get what i'm trying to say. Loved the sound, but I especially enoyed the style, and the style of the characters >.> I think maybe for a future project you could try a bit of the FBF stuff (Frame by Frame) as that is the key to awsomeness, and would be a good challenge for you.