Reviews for "the busstop"

Good lesson.

It has a great moral...never help old ladies at bus stops.


Lovely music, Nice style, Great idea!

"The End" sign sucked, I think it woulda been better to have a the screen black from the outside in, ending on the guy's face on the ground then say "The End" But that's just me... other than that good stuff I liked it...


I like the old sient movie feel. And the music matched pretty well. And the moral of this story is: punch any old lady you see in the face because they are all theives!


Quite good ;) Was like one of those old movies lol, not bad

i knew it was coming...

but it was still pretty entertaining for me :) haha.
the graphics were nice, and i liked the range of greys and stuff you used in there to keep it looking in ye olde style. :)
the music was nice, and overall the ending was funny even though i picked it as soon as he ran off the first time :) haha.
nice, smooth animation, too.

sjoert responds:

wow thanks marcus!