Reviews for "the busstop"


That was the most original piece of flash to enter the portal in a long time. For that I thank you. You have brightened my evening slightly ^.^
I thought the graphics were good, and presented in such a way that the lack of top quality animation was irrelivent......if you get what i'm trying to say. Loved the sound, but I especially enoyed the style, and the style of the characters >.> I think maybe for a future project you could try a bit of the FBF stuff (Frame by Frame) as that is the key to awsomeness, and would be a good challenge for you.


i simply love it :)


too short and the absence of color hurt this animation. it was a good one, but it had a lot of potential taken away because of those 2 flaws.

Don't be afraid of color

Color couldd have added a lot to this piece. The animation was okay (and limited animation/ bad animation is fine) but the story and twist didn't have anough punch to support the lack of animatio. That's why Saturday morning cartoons were so horrible in the 70's and early 80's. Use color in the next one and try to make it shorter and less complex. Keep it up though.


i liked the cheesyness of the flash plus jazz music always kicks ass. Nice twist at the end.