Reviews for "Amiga - Agony"


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Kolibiri responds:

Whoo, thank you. I had a feeling this would get blammed, but wow, it currently has a 2.55, my respect for Newground users has incrased :)


The Amiga RULED!! Thanks for giving tribute to the great Amiga! Even if it is a joke!

Kolibiri responds:

No no, no joke :) Just a recreation of one of my favourite Amiga games minus the actual gameplay

that brought back memories

awesome job on this it brought back lot of memories
the amiga was the best what happened to them is a mystery we will never know

Kolibiri responds:

Yeah, the Amiga was amazing. I'm currently trying to get my current computer to run in an Amiga environment with WinUAE :)


i really liked this. unfortunately, i was introduced to gaming when the SNES arrived, so i havent ever had the chance to play an amiga as it is now hard to find anything to do with them.keep up the good work!

Kolibiri responds:

Thanks a lot, and good luck in your quest to play Amiga, it's an amazing experience.

Awesome to watch

It was fine but having arrows to switch through would help alot. Good flash though.