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Reviews for "ellipse"

Dude O.O

Now my ears go nuts whenever I turn off the song.

broove responds:

Then don't do that

Wow..... Best. Song. Evah.

Awesome. Too great for words. It's like.... weird, almost. Strange. It's THE GREATEST SONG EVER. So yeah, please, make more songs like this one. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!!

broove responds:

Can't promise that.. I'm glad you liked it so much, though ;)

Beyond Imagination......Godlike.....Spiritual...

Dude are you god or something?This is Epic and Amazing!It's like out of this world!Literally!DUDE YOU ROCK!This is a song that cannot be explained in words.Whoever listens is like altered and shifted to the spritual side of music.The side of music that is intensely hard to get to.Although on this song its like so beautiful you just drift freely into the spiritual side of music..Outstanding....YOU ROCK ON HOMBRE!

broove responds:

I am part of that, yes :)
Thank you so much for your reviews ;)

Thanks to you

(I'm french so excuse my english ;)

Thanks to you for this incredible song. You're one of the artists who have decided me to create an account on this site, "just" for congratulate you for your work!

Your music transfers emotions and is very amazing.
I hope you upload other wonders like this one!!!

broove responds:

np for english. My english is far from perfect too, you know..

I appreciate that you did that for me :) I really do. We'll see what happens next.
Thank you again ;)


the end is like a different song but this is still one of the best pieces of music i have ever heard.
you deserve fame

broove responds:

You can look at it that way, but these parts are actually connected :) Thanks