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Reviews for "ellipse"

This is just an amazing song!

This song is awesome! I love your transitions and how it switches from fast to slow. I can easily apply a story to this. Once again, awesome!

broove responds:

Great! Thank you for a review, man ;)


Easily one of the most Dramatic songs Ive heard in a while. Would fit very well in a "final battle", don't you think?

broove responds:

Final battle of what? I don't know.. not sure if it's a soundtrack for battles and stuff

nice tune

like the way you combined classical with drum n bass, I like that kind of music!
btw, you should check out
my music (mattuiop.newgrounds.com)
and whitey's music (whitey767.newgrounds.com)

sick tune though!
keep it up!

broove responds:

Thanks for a review

thanks for that

ellipse is amazing.. all your songs are amazing.. i want to ask.. where do you get such inspiration to write music like that?
you must be very unusual person... can i get a little chat with you?
thanks for your music. thanks for your work =)

sorry for my english. i'm russian)

broove responds:

Ah.. thank you, man!
Inspiration comes from other music, I guess. It may be easy piano and chillout tunes as well as drum'n'bass, rapcore, etc. But most important, making music makes me feel great.

Beautiful song. A fantastic fuze of styles

Awesome song, this was used for LINT lol, thats probobly what made me like that game.

I know you can't just do what people tell you to or you'l stop giving a shit, lose inspiration and your music will lose any integrity.

so I'm not going to tell you to make more like this, or Heartbeats, no matter how much I love them.

I want you to keep evolving as an artist and hopefully you will continue to make music that is beautiful and touching, Also that if you are looking for a career, or already have a career in the music industry, that it goes well and you get what you deserve.

broove responds:

Hey... thank you, man ;)
I was myself planning to do exactly what you wrote there. The more reviews I receive, the more I realise that people have very different opinions what to improve or what I should do next. So I can rely only on myself now.

Thank for the review ;)