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Reviews for "ellipse"

Nice One

Nice work dude!
It is really cool :D
I was wondering if u could send the accords to the piano in the end of the song :D Its sounds nice and i just wanna learn how to play like that :)


broove responds:

accords? unfortunately I haven't written down the sheet music, nor did I use it. But you can learn it by ear - that part is not that hard. + it's how I learnd to play in the first place.

Glad you like it. thanks


let's dream baby :'D


great song.

It sounds a lot like Fuck Buttons

broove responds:

what's Fuck Buttons?


I've never heard a dnb song mixed into classical like this before!

but, in honesty, I think you could have mixed the classical into the dnb slowly so it doesn't come to a 'sharp' stop, basically so it's easier to adjust to.

amazing song though =O

broove responds:

You made a good point about mixing piano slowly. This is most likely what I'll do next time.
Thank you for a review ;)

Great as always!

The style of this mix (classical piano & dnb) is pretty exciting.
I Love your music. It's so sincere.

broove responds:

Thanks ;)
I myself like the idea of mixing classical music and some heavy stuff (like dnb). Maybe we'll see more in future ;)