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Reviews for "ellipse"


That bass breakdown... it just blew my mind. The combination at the end of strings and piano is phenomenal! I could never make anything like it, but still I try...

Great song - here is sheet for the end piano part

i really like the game "lint" in large part because of this song. i created sheet music for the piano solo part at the end. it can be downloaded from here http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3 2f282570d13f90173e6076689c1399b

broove responds:

Thank you for the sheets


You sir...are a genius.


Feels like running through the streets of an immense city at night, not knowing where you're going, only that you must arrive. Safe, but frightened; warm, but shivering; leaving a small world for a much larger one.

Once again great work

Very nice tune, though I wish the transition around 2:45 was a bit more smooth.