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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"

Your Start button is broken

Other than that, it was funny. made me laugh, nice work

evil-kefka responds:

Are you sure? When I was fiddlin' with it, it was messin' up a few times, but it went back for some reason after a while... and Thnx. :)

u r right man

i agree wit u man the psp FUCKIN SUX!! so good job wit the video ^.^

that was funny

I love the psp and I found it funny but the ds and the psp both have there shity bits like the psp doesnt have that meany games the ds has a shitload but almost all of them suck cos they make them about fuckin anythin

No dude it's not Crappy It's Watch-worthy

I mean it's not the best but it is the best spoof on mario and PSP I've seen I saw that South Park where they did spoof this is a little well actually crappier but still good.

evil-kefka responds:

Haha, I actually saw that one. Where Kenny is sent to heaven to save it, then he goes back to earth because he's on life support. XD Good episode.

Short, but enjoyable

It was a nice flash. Just a silly little joke, but well made. I prefer longer stuff, but it's sometimes nice to see entries like this too. The score is pretty low, and it's going to be a tough call, whether this is blammed or protected, but I'm certainly hoping it will stay in the portal.

evil-kefka responds:

Heh, hope apparently DOES work sometimes. And thank you.