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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"


thank you mario u have defeated the evil sony psp and saved our world u have our thanks

::::::back to reality:::::::
this movie was quite funny and the disk flying was funny too


Well, This is fine for a forum signature, but to submit it to newgrounds I don't think it should be on here. Its too short. I mean, maybe if it was a little story about mario playing it, then the disc popped out like 20 times and tries different things to keep it in, then he just ends up smashing it. That would be better, but this is just too short and not enough.

Aghahaha I get it.

But does the american version have the disk-ejecting bug as well?

Cause if so, I'm going to be twisting it at people all day.


psp is a piece of shit in my opinion.

evil-kefka responds:

Yeah, it is in mine too. But, what're you gonna do.......except make a movie like this. XD

OMFG!!!, nice short

you skipped some death pixels, but the sequence on the flying disc is funny!!!!!!!!!

evil-kefka responds:

Death pixels? Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed making that part about the flying disc.