Reviews for "Final Battle (looped)"

Awesome NESS.

It makes me think of fighting in a boss battle. By the way, the song totally fits in the
Super press space to win RPG game. :)

Too Epic!

It's So Epic that my head blew up after listening to 5 seconds of it! Keep the awesome (did I mention awesome) songs up m8! =)

:D rock on

I like it... nothing wrong... epic music that would Fit any badass character.

keep doing this... you got talent. :)

I'm SO going to use this in my game!

You've just provided me with the ultimate piece of music for a final boss in my game! Hope you don't mind me using it. It's just that awesome. :D

Now it's perfect.

Ah, you have a looped version, this gets my 10/10 then.

As I said on the original, this is awesome, it really gives the feeling of an epic fight at the end of all things.