Reviews for "Operation: Kill Everyone"


I liked it I voted 5 on it!!!

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it, sequals coming out soon.


that was so fuckin awsome and entertainin \g i never got bored this is great shit hell yea!!

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks dude, you're right, i rock hard.

Good Game

I like it. It was very fun and sorta challenging. A way to spend the next 5-10 mins. Joe: you could maybe fix the part with the computer. I couldn't get off it until i randomly hit stuff. But i did like the whole Metal Gear Solid theme

joe-kangaroo responds:

Metal gear AND splinter cell. But thanks, and also, i liked where you refered to me as "Joe" not dude or asshole. Cool.

wow good game

but i found alot of things you can cheat on

but i aint tellen anybody ;)

joe-kangaroo responds:

Take it its the computer bit, the final boss and the laser trip wires?

Dude, Tiger Chick is wrong

You did good, man. I happen to have just played the Splinter Cell series, and this is a complete rip-off.. I love it! It's so much fun to use the cursor to make the guy sneak up behind someone and slit their throat or shoot them in the head with a pistol. Haha it's classic, dude. I think that you certainly were paying attention to details when you made him glance side to side every once in a while. Seriously, good job. I loved the night vision and thermal vision parts, but might I suggest prompting the player to switch to the alternate vision mode? Took me a second to realize I was supposed to do that. Well, my review's gotten really long so I'm gonna stop now because long reviews, while helpful, are annoying *wink.*

PS: Tiger_Chick... where the hell does it say he was making a shooting game!?

^_^ I am being very passionate about my opinions today

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks man, that tiger Chick is a dumb fuck so it doens't matter what they say, your review is much better.