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Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XVII"

I REMEMBER THIS I'm not even gay and I want them to be together! I shipped them soo hard LMAOOO!!

When I was younger, this episode actually gave me blue balls. Sirkowski you suck

I remember this because it was on Y8 when Y8 was in its earlier years, including the other Miss Dynamite episodes...adding in the fact that the Naruto Dating Sim was and still is on Y8 and the Sim Girl and Love Hina and Galaxy Angel Dating Sims were on before Y8 took them off around 2016 and it just really goes to show you how Y8 used to allow anything on their website as long as it looked like a cartoon and they didn't really look into the stuff they put on their site. BTW, this was always my favorite Miss Dynamite right after the ones with the sisters.

This series is the best!