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Reviews for "Grave 2"

it was confusing at times

i didnt mind the controls after i got used to them. The only thing that threw me off were your random changes of the sceanery. Espescially when the screen went dark...i picked up a crossbow...found some bats...then was suddenly in a lit room with a final bos, who for some reason...just stood there while i pummeled(spelling?) him with shotgun shells.

FrostedMuffins responds:

The boss works like this:
you have about 1-2 seconds to shoot him before he punches you, when you shoot him, the frames reset. If you shoot fast enough (or whatever), it looks bad because he'll just sit there.
I need to work on those types of things, I'm getting better though, sorry for the confusion.

That was pretty good :D

Jay :D

it was ok

it was kinda easy and a bit not what I expected but it was good.. and 6'2'' but only 130 lbs? shit I'm 14, 5'8'' and 131 lbs and I'm like 12 percent body fat...the avg adult is 180...

Genuinley Playable

This was a pretty good game, a solid effort. You definitley need to make more in this series. A couple of suggestions for the next one: how about an ammo count, where you have to press a keyboard button to reload, quicker weapon switching, and MAD SEX0RZ PR0N!!11!!!

Or maybe not the last one.......

eh, you got the right idea in anycase

you have the right stuff in this, maybe with some tweaking, even better^^

music/sound kinda lacking, and for art....well...improvement needed, but not to the point of hurting this

just keep at with the art, shooters do tend to be the most prudent in thier graphical pizazz....

i look forward to the next 'Grave'^^