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Reviews for "Grave 2"

its a good game

its good, but could do with a little more work, i gave it a 4.


yea it was really easy... good stuff.. art was actually alright.. but if u collaborate w. others... u could become a GREAT artist.. good job tho

Not bad

Oh come on people, there isn't anything wrong with programming a whole game before you have the graphics done. Most of my work with C++ hasn't been directly with a graphical worker. As long as you have programmed it well you can go in an add graphics later. Just means a little bit more work on the artist.


it was ok the graphics could have been better but i had a fun time playing this

Not bad actually...

I know this game has been getting a lot of flak, but I actually kinda enjoyed it. The animation wasnt the best iv seen, but it was decent enough. The spiders were kinda annoying since they tended not to die when you shot them. And there was a bug that prevented you changing weapons during the first boss fight. But apart from that, I liked it.

If you make another one, try to make it longer and if possible, a little more story intensive. Cheers!