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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Pretty sweet game ...

Pretty sweet game ... not very good after 4 shots of Jim Beam Black though ...

'The PP'

good game

well let me 1stly say taht u can draw better than me so i have no problems with that..the game its self was very good but i thought it was 2 easy and alittle but 2 short...but that could just b me..well anyway great game keep it up

Who cares what they fuckin think,

Who cares what they fuckin think, I use flash often, and even tho I always work on stuff, I never submitted anything, WHO CARES WTF they say about your work, if they say that its GOOD its good if they say that it sux? FUCK them. They probably are jerkin off to hentai rite now and ejacked like 1 sec after seeing animated boobs, FUCK them do your best and im surprised by your age. Great work, keep it up, as you get older your drawings will get better im sure. ^^ Fuck all you ppl who can't do SHIT. - like flash.

Heh, Yea Dude.

I like this it's not bad infact. Yes I am also 13 years young. The work in Flash that I mostly do is mostly Horror....Zombies to be exact. I saw this and knew that it must'ave taken some time so Congratulations.

Not bad

I quite enjoyed this game, it wasn't very challenging, but nonetheless you've obviously put quite a bit of effort into this. So keep up the good work! :)