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Reviews for "Grave 2"

hey not bad.

You get an A for effort. while yes the graphics wernt all that great they wernt bad either. ive seen much... muuuuch worst thing on the front page. Good Job!

pretty chill

fun just use machine gun shotty sucks in this

great shooter!

thisgame simply rox.If u want better grafix u should partner up wit another artist. Take ur pick! im sure they would all love to work wit u.

not terrible

Not the best thing I've ever played, but not the worst. Pretty solid, I suppose. The delay of the click-to-shot time killed me a bit, but other than that.. it was alright.

after going through this game i have to say that this is a good effort but it lacks in every area that made hotd fun. no voice acting, extremely tough enemies which amazed me, and too fast game play. nice job though. just tidy up this games weaknesses and it's gold.