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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!

As far as flash shooters go, this is amazing. Most flash shooters dont let u progress from room to room as you go, like with a story. I dont make games. Movies are much easier, and tend to score better. However, do not give up! You are almost at a pro level of flash. There is real money to be made with games, whereas there is no money to be made with flash cartoons. This game is cool.

Tips for Grave 3: Make a story[i do not care how bad it is, just make a story.] Add background music[remember that bad music is worse than no music though.] Graphics are satisfactory, but could be better.

BIG TIP: Make it longer. Ng gives u 5mb of space. Utilize all 5 megs. To make the big time with front page, you gotta go big with your flash. THINK BIG, LONG POLISHED, AND KOOL!

Go Grave 2!

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks a lot! I was worried about the load time being too long, so I shortened it a bit. You'll notice all of my other games are a bit leanthly. Thanks for all of the ideas.

not bad.... not bad at all

that was pretty good, the programming as amazing, but I suggest you just work on the art and make version 2 or something and you'll get a higher score. also What was that in the lava? i suggest changing it.


like everyone else i'd have to say the art wasn't great...but i don't care a whole lot about that, it was a fun game and for a young guy who probably just got started, well, awesome! i'd like to see more

Pretty good but needs improving

First of all the first thing I noticed was that there was no reloading. In some halloween game similar to this I was screaming (ok not really) when I had to reload while a bunch of necrophilias came after me. It got me winded up and it made the game better.

The graphics were actually pretty good, liked the sloppy draw out way. Still stuff like broken windows when the bats came in were pretty lousy, should have putten more time to it.

About the shooting. How the hell can it be that when I use handgun I can go shooting little holes and then bang my 9mm beretta (:P) makes a hole with the diameter of 50 cm 0.o. The hit area on some monsters was a bit sloppy as you couldn't shoot the upper part and so on.

The sounds. You should have used sounds other then Flash Kit FX sounds. The shotgun sound should have been more powerful therefore more effective. Music would have helped, something to keep on the edge, the game it self didn't.

One more thing - plot. A story button in the main menu would have been good, preferably animated or reading with illustrations for the kiddies like me who want to see picture books :D

In conclusion it was good, needs improving. The coding was decent only you should have made it more interesting. Keep working, hoping to see some other of your work in the front page.

pretty good