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Reviews for "Grave 2"


for being 13 you definitaly turned out some better stuff then some 23 y/o people. keep up the good work kid.

excellent game

the game play is to good to complain about the art. but good art would be nice. maybe you have a freind that is good at that stuff.


OMG IM 13 TO WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON WOW jk cool i guess there could be a few improvements but is allright


Shut up moaning about the artwork... Graphics do NOT make a game good, its the playability.. and personally i think this game is really cool, it has all the right things to make it the stereotypical horror kind of game. except, as was said, no music... but then again, if its silent it's more scary.. turn up your speakers it will make you jump.

Nice going Evan, keep up the good work.

well its not a bad game you are a good programer

perhaps you should team up with a good animator because that is where your game comes up short look at fulp and synj