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Reviews for "Grave 2"

This was a quick and sweet game

Nothing to it, unless you have mental problems and can't move a mouse fast enough. But G3 should be WAY better... i hope

FrostedMuffins responds:

I hope so too. I made the first Grave a little more than a year ago and this one was way better, so the next should hopefully have the same improvement. Thanks for the great review.

Pretty Sweet

Sweet game. You have a long time to improve, and the graphics wern't aweful, I've seen alot worse. I hope to see alot more from you.


A 13 year old kid who can do a job like this has a pretty good future in Flash. Shit, when i was 13 all i did was watch TV and sleep. I never had the focus to make something that would take 3 months for, so i give you lots of credit for that.


Shut up moaning about the artwork... Graphics do NOT make a game good, its the playability.. and personally i think this game is really cool, it has all the right things to make it the stereotypical horror kind of game. except, as was said, no music... but then again, if its silent it's more scary.. turn up your speakers it will make you jump.

Nice going Evan, keep up the good work.


It wasgreat, but the problem was that you had unlimited ammo and didn't need to reload clips. Also, there aren't enough weapons.