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Reviews for "Grave 2"

best game I've played here in awhile.

I thought this was great. It was so fast paced, and the enemy variation was cool. I liked how there were so many different weapons. Each room was different. It was not repetitive at all. I also thought the minigame was cool. The graphics could have been better, but graphics aren't very important. Good shit.

blood creature chucking rockz at ya >.<

lol half da time i was laughing it was easy but it kicked ass no one should be going on about da graphics coz the game is too good to say anything bad about it well for me it is. welldoen for u m8 - ultimi light master


For a 13 year old, you have some crazy skills. Keep it up. This game could be even better if you had to reload your ammo and had a choice of direction. If you did have a choice of direction and I missed it caused I didn't read the instructions then I'm sorry. But good job. You get high regards from me. ^_^

and i am a 13 year old artist who can't program...

sooo great job keep it up, i wish i could make these games and stuff....scan in my work...oh well, we all have our strengths man...keep it up man, i gotta go

That was awesome

this seriously kicks all othr first person flash shooters, for flash you got to admit it is pretty good, but the spiders are very hard to hit, over all, it is a kick ass game.