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Reviews for "Grave 2"

good job man

i've been playing games on here for awhile keep up he good work, even though u'll probably be more into jerking off and chasin girls soon(u are 13) i didn't think it was going to end so fast i thought it was going to be like a contra game, and i'de have to try 20 times till a got the pattern down. I was actually upset that it wasn't like that lol. i like getting pissed off at games like that(accept that game on here that Tom made Alien Hominid, i'll never beat that game) anyways good job kid
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Just for u lil man, enjoy


amazing..zombie killers kick ass dude, keep up the good work.. idk if im the only one but i thought the graphics were pretty damn good

Freaking awesome

I wouldnt expect much from someone of the age 13 to get great graphics anyway but you did a great job overall I mean I expected it to be shitty but it was actually fun you did great job on the weapons designs though


It reminds me of house of the dead, awesome game, you did a good job with this, i see people knocking the graphics and i can see why, with the high level of standard we see around here now days its no surprise that people complain about it, but it isnt anything awfull, tbh, good job


Nice, nice job. I like the programming, but the enemies were much too easy.Who cares about art again? Nice job, either way.