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Reviews for "Grave 2"

I'm sorry

But this is truly crap. The weapons were (poorly) stolen from CS. The sounds were stolen. The art was shit. The machinegun has no full auto. You "pocket" the crossbow and can't pull it out anymore. The Knuckles Demo is a matter of two clicks. This was absolute rubish and a disgrace to the front page.

sry i know you worked hard

but the sound was horrible the only sound was the shots and the graphics sucked as well it was way to easy.


Okay when writing the instructions, spell everything right. that helps. another thing.....shooting the spiders kind of blew my ass crack.

what's that? Junk?

Sorry. Usually I like shooting games, but this...
You worked three months on this? If you had worked longer on this, it would be better!


Why can't I play it, it loads to ten percent and then averything turns white. Boring.