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Reviews for "Grave 2"


this is fairly easy.needs to be longer and have more weapons.i like the knuckles minigame


Damn, good game. I was in the mood for a game like this. All the other games for the last few weeks sucked hard core. This was good, thanks man, good work.

nice it was fun

1st CanadianBacon is an pendejo who needs to stfu or suck on a dick flavored lollypop 2nd hes only 13 so leave him alone u pedifile (CanadianBacon) 3rd i had fun and u cant change it

ha ha cool

i am also 13 and i basically do the same stuff u do except my junk gets blammed alot lol but keep up the good work


well..the graphix r kinda crappy, but none the less....GrEaT wOrK!