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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Hmm, its ok.

I can understand that you worked hard on this, but what i didn't understand was how it made front page. It wasn't good as expected. And you said it would take a little while to load, it only took 3 seconds for me. Anyway, it was easy and got boring easy.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Yeah, I don't understand the load time, it got really screwed up loading the content straight from the source. It happens everytime I make a FPS, but never with a 2d sidescroller.


it was ok but i dont think it was front page worthy owell what ever it was cool

pretty good but short

it was kinda corny at first but then got kinda fun. i started getting into it and then it ended. thats probrably the only bad part about it

its a allright game!

It isn't the best but i've made games before and its hard to do.So keep at it your get better at it. thanks for making something to past the time.

This wasnt very good

First of all nice job. Its hard making a good game these days, the compitition is tough. But besides all that your game sucked. You could barely move your gun and the animation when shooting blowed. Try taking the time (on your next game) to make those "little things" a lot better.