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Reviews for "Grave 2"


y is it that the standards for front page shit are beocming less and less? oh well its not ur fault kid. u might wanna think about getting someone who is decnet at character disgn to help u make ur stuff cause u got skill in programing,

wasnt bad

It wasnt a bad game, grafix aside, i enjoyed it, although at some parts you couldnt change the weapons, and if im not mistaken, its spelled enemies, not enamies.


I had fun playing the game despite the mediocre, but perfectly stable, graphics. The only thing that hindered the gameplay was some terrible hit detection. There were times I definitly shot something and nothing would happen. If that gets worked on, this could be a much better game.

not front page material.

Well ill give ya kudos for trying. But really, no offense, take some animation art classes. Then come back when you make another game (not like this one) and youll get front page for sure. Take your time on it.

P.S.- Why did the machine gun have like a x20 scope? I mean, not only couldnt you use it, but who uses a scope on a machine gun?

kool man

pretty decent compared to most shit out there, i liked it dude keep it up ^_^