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Reviews for "Grave 2"

nothing special

Pretty simplistic, could be harder. Just needs some polish. There's potential there but you gotta find it

FrostedMuffins responds:

This isn't my best, I'm getting better. You can see the difference from the first Grave.


I know programming is not the easiest job but really, you have to rethink your methods. For starters don't make a game with crappy graphics and THEN ask for an artist. Ask first and then make the game with the new artist.Second of all you have too much writing on the loading page for it too look good (Also, choose a more legible font).The concept and idea of the game was good but it lacked a storyline. This type of shooting game (wether it be zombies, bugs or criminals) is WAY overdone. Alot of people do these types of games. My advice for another one is improve your drawing (or find an artist), build a storyline because even a cheesy story makes it better, and most of all think of an original concept. You have potential!

Not bad for newbie gamers

Not too hard not too easy. Makes me wanna play Blake Stone. Back then you didn't really need to be an artist to make games that were fun to play! And this one kept me goin till the end. Controls coulda been more responsive. And more sound.

it was ok

i just dont get xombies with ninja sas tought....i voted 4

not bad

the graphic's arent top notch but they are good, it's a lil funny at first czu they fall out the window's but then it get's old after every kill,

i got pretty much nothing else to say but good game, keep it up