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Reviews for "Grave 2"

great BUT

i was fellin the way you aim it was better and not like everything else where you move the crosshair not the camera if it was to look beeter like if it was REALLY good looking this could be like the best ever i really liked this awsome game this is likly not to get the love it deserves i suggest redoing it with better grapics than this would be very appreceated great game.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks for all of the 10's.

now this is what newgrounds needs

A 13 year old animator with enough skill to take on the big boys of animating, First of all Excellent job. if you are this good now only more good things can come from you as u get better and better, with each game or flash u create
this game is a masterpiece.
however my quirks are more variaity of weapons have some secert easter eggs weapons maybe newground weapons like the bedn gun lol etc be more creative in weapons and
add more sound effects

other than that this is a movie that kicks some serious ass
newgrounds needs more people like you i look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future

Wow this is fun

I love this game and has classic graphics but i dont care it was fun and are you working on the sequel cause i cant wait for the sequel :D

Nice stuff

You may not be a great artist, but the programming here is really good, simply awsome game.

I suggest you find and team up with someone good at flash art and improve it im sure a few pro's can help.

Very fun!

This is alot better than the first one , cause there r more weapons and the graphics r better! This game is almost like the game House of the Dead. Keep up the good work!